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Inspired by the life and spirit of Miami, the theme for Casall’s SS20 collection is Freedom. The city that is full of life, free from judgements and vivid in colors encourages everyone to be whomever they want and reach the next level of independence. Casall has created a collection filled with power and strength to help reach complete freedom in your everyday life. 

SS20 colors, patterns and details

The colours are a mix of naturals, blacks and white together with bolder, daring and more vivid ones. We see a mix of graphical animal prints in different scales, sporty stripes and large graphical blockings with shading effects. Details such as nylons, matt, shiny and structured materials are highlighted. Adding metallic, sparkle, shine and glam to the SS20 collection creates comfy and stylish combinations for both on and off the gym. 

Conscious Choice collection

For the SS20 collection, Casall has increased their popular Conscious Choice collection. Casall’s Conscious Choice products are produced of material with a minimum of 50% recycled, biodegradable, or renewable raw materials (Tencel, Bio polyamide, Organic cotton, Recycled Polyamide/Polyester, Organic materials), always with as little environmental impact as possible. For SS20, we see the Conscious Choice collection in toned down, darker, sophisticated colors such as dark blue, red and black. 

New sustainable tools 

Casall has been working with the same family run company in Taiwan for over 30 years to produce most of their tools. Together they constantly develop and test new sustainable materials and ways of working. 

For SS20, Casall has created new bamboo tools made of 25% bamboo and rice husks which is a big step towards reducing their use of oil based products. 50% of the energy it takes to produce these bamboo products comes from renewable energy sources.

Also there is a big focus on Casall’s cork series, which is 100% sustainably produced from the bark of cork oak trees in Portugal. It is an all- natural raw material, with unique properties. It is completely biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Harvesting the cork is carried out meticulously by hand. The trees do not have to be cut down. In fact, the cork oak undergoes a self-regeneration process meaning cork harvesting is a uniquely sustainable process.

In another step towards being even more sustainable Casall has changed their tools packaging (from AW19) from plastic to paper saving 23 tons of plastic every year compared to previous year.

Sustainability at Casall

Sustainability has been part of Casall’s DNA since the beginning, more than 35 years ago. They believe in superior quality products that will last for a very long time, that's the core of their business. They always choose consciously and believe that how things are made is as important as what it's made of, to produce in an environmental friendly and ethical way. Casall produce more than 90% of their wear in Europe and have been working with most of their suppliers over 25 years. They are not done, it will always be work in progress but Casall genuinely care about their products, the people and our planet.

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