2022-04-05 12:01Press release

Casall launches new collection - and extends durability guarantee

Casall launches a colourful capsule collection while taking the opportunity to extend its durability guarantee to another signature quality. As a pioneer in high-quality functional materials for training apparel, Casall has four signature qualities with different properties, where all qualities are made from recycled materials and are covered by a durability guarantee. The guarantee ensures that the tights will look just as good, and sit just as perfectly, after 200 washes – and that’s durability for real.

The high-performance tights in the new collection are made in Casall’s base quality, Smooth Shaping, which thus makes the super-flexible and shaping Sculptify®, the highperformance compression fabric Hold-on-tight®, and the multifunctional Toning Touch® company in the durability guarantee.

With fourty years of experience, we know that the secret to the perfect fit - which also lasts over time through a lot of training, stretching and washing – lies in high-tech premium fabrics. We have therefore trademarked our signature qualities that have also undergone rigorous testing. Perfect fit, high-tech function, sustainably produced - you can actually get it all, says Nanna Hedlund, CEO of Casall Sport.

In terms of design, the new tights model Casall Overlap High Waist Tights is a foundational part of the collection. The model gives a flattering silhouette for waist and hips – while it with its v-shape flirts with the flourishing trend of lower cut waists. The Smooth Shaping fabric is made from recycled fibers and has a light compression and high opacity.

We have wanted to create a capsule collection that makes you feel stunning, but that also performs during intense workouts. The trending spring colours pink and mint green are complemented by white and black in this collection, and plays along with asymmetrical lines and design illusions for a look that is just as suitable on- and off the gym, says Angelica Eichler, Head of Design at Casall.

The capsule collection will be launched on April 7th - at Casall.com and among selected retailers.

  • Casall Overlap High Waist Tights SEK 799 / NOK 799 DKK 700 / EUR 79,9
  • Casall Overlap Crop Longsleeve SEK 599 / NOK 599 DKK 550 / EUR 59,9
  • Casall Overlap High Waist Biker SEK 699 / NOK 699 DKK 600 / EUR 69,9
  • Casall Overlap Crop Top SEK 499 / NOK 499 DKK 450 / EUR 49,9
  • Casall Favourite Crop Hoodie SEK 799 / NOK 799 DKK 700 / EUR 79,9

About Casall

The birth of the first Casall collection in a gym in 1984 showed the way: a holistic training brand from Sweden that combines a ‘Total Wellness’ vision with textile innovation. The key to our success lies in our state-of-the-art fabrics and in our pioneering spirit: creation of innovative products, research into new training methods or eco-responsibility.