2019-10-10 13:24Press release


November 2019 marks an exciting time as Casall, a Swedish sustainability-focused activewear brand, is launching a six week pop-up store at the Body Studio at Selfridges London.

Scandinavian design aesthetics, over 35 years of training, product knowledge and innovation stand behind our brand. We’re dedicated to create the most high quality and beautiful products for both people AND the planet. 

At Selfridges London you’ll find part of Casall’s Conscious Collection. The Seamless set is the perfect companion for your yoga practice. Soft bra, top and body-hugging tights featuring a high waist, produced in a recycled fabric. 

For the sweaty sessions Casall’s Sculpture high waist tights are something extra. The high-tech fabric sculptures your body and provides excellent support, soft feel and maximum breathability. They are made at EUROJERSEY in Italy. A progressive fabrics producer who in 2007 decided to join and promote change by using innovative ways of reducing the environmental impact of its production processes. 


Casall also offer a premium selection of tools, The cork series is 100% sustainably produced from the bark of Cork Oak trees in Portugal. It is an all- natural raw material, with unique properties. It is completely biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. The harvesting of the cork is meticulously carried out by hand and the trees do not have to be cut down. In fact, the cork oak undergoes a self-regeneration process meaning cork harvesting is a uniquely sustainable process. 

Sustainability at Casall 

Sustainability has been part of our DNA since the begining, more than 35 years ago. Our goal is to use 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced materials for our wear by 2025. We believe in superior quality products that will last for a very long time, that’s the core of our brand. We always choose consciously and believe that How things are made is as important as what they are made of. We produce more then 90% of our wear in Europe and have been working with most of our suppliers over 25 years. We are not done, it will always be work in progress but we genuinely care about our products, the people and our planet. 

About Casall

The birth of the first Casall collection in a gym in 1984 showed the way: a holistic training brand from Sweden that combines a ‘Total Wellness’ vision with textile innovation. The key to our success lies in our state-of-the-art fabrics and in our pioneering spirit: creation of innovative products, research into new training methods or eco-responsibility.